Updates to Genshin Impact, a game from Chinese studio miHoYo that continues to make a splash, continue. Day after day, more and more players join the fantasy world and embody the different characters in the different stories of the game. Apparently, also the famous cosplayer HaneAme She descended into this world.

HaneAme doesn't need many introductions. The oriental cosplayer has often made headlines and is one of the most popular with over a million followers on Instagram. With his cosplay he has ranged from the world of video games to that of manga and animeand plays all kinds of main and supporting characters like Bleach's Matsumoto Rangiku.

And an hour ago he uploaded a new photo with one this time Genshin Impact Cosplay. Today, December 23, 2020, he gave a new version of the sorceress Lisa and presented himself in a charming way in a series of photos. There are four poses in which she shows herself, highlighting both the prepared costume and her adorable body. Pointed violet hat, white and purple top as well as various decorative jewels and pieces of jewelry that make your costume more varied and elemental.

A Lisa Cosplay Who doesn't need magic to steal the beholder's heart.

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A contribution by Hane_Ame @ æłą (@haneame_cos)

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