While second season of Fire Force A cosplayer pays homage to one of the most "fiery" and loved by fans of Atsushi Okubo's work. This spectacular rendition of Princess Hibana will literally set you on fire.

During the first season of the anime, which is fully available on Yamato Animation's YouTube channel, fans were shown how the various Companies that make up the fire service. One of the most important figures among the brigade captains is Princess Hibana, captain of Company 5.

The wealthy Hibana impressed the audience with her disrespectful behavior;; Those who are considered inferior will be subdued and struck down under their feet. The only life that can avoid this uncomfortable treatment is Shinra Kusakabe, protagonist of the adventure and member of Company 8.

Although Hibana wasn't in the limelight in the animated Fire Force's second season, she was honored by cosplayer Mia Marion, also known as @wipmia. On her Instagram profile, the girl shared her spectacular e flaming interpretation of the princessshowing all her pride while immersed in the flames of her third generation pyrokinetic powers. What do you think of this cosplay? Can he keep you warm from those cold days? In the meantime, the new Fire Force 2 story arc takes us back to the Nether. A lover of Okubo's work joins the cast of Fire Force 2.

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A contribution by Mia MarionπŸ§šπŸ½β€β™€οΈ (@wipmia)

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