Although The promised neverland After the release of Shonen Jump, the work of Posuka Demiu and Kazu Shirai still has a lot to say, both in the anime's second season and with the live-action adaptation soon to be released.

Regarding the latter, new updates have been released in the past few hours. An unedited clip has been released that not only gives a general idea of โ€‹โ€‹the setting, but also shows the characters of Emma, โ€‹โ€‹Norman and Isabella.

In addition to the short teaser, a new poster was also published, characterized by the artificial idyllic environment of the orphanage, populated by numerous children with their respective characteristics. The film will debut in Japan in Decemberand at the moment we have no information about a western spread.

In the meantime, the universe of The Promised Neverland is emerging on the big screenYou can approach the work on the manga published by Star Comics in Italy and the animation series available on the Netflix and VVVVID streaming platforms.

However, the second season will be available from 2021. Although it was scheduled for October 2020, the production complications due to COVID-19 forced the animation studio to postpone its arrival.

The performers of Isabella and Krone revealed Neverland in the live action of The Promised. After shooting the live action of The Promised Neverland, here's what we can expect from the feature film.

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