Fate / Stay Night: Saber finished the Misakicos cosplay in the summer

From the 2000s in Japan, the Fate / Stay Night mania, which was launched in 2004 by the visual novel Type-Moon, exploded. After a few years, the version for PlayStation 2 came and then for PSP, but with the anime, the franchise spread all over the world and also caused an attempt to translate the saga's video games into amateur games.

The popularity was obviously reflected in the characters of Fate / Stay Night. Among these there are saber, in reality Arturia Pendragonthat has appeared in many video games and anime of the saga. We are waiting to see you at the cinema again with Fate / Stay Night in Italy: Heaven's Feel - Spring Song, we offer you one Saber Cosplay made by Misakicos in the past few days and that seems ready to spend an excellent summer.

In the photo below we see Saber, who is not wearing the classic blue and white armor, but a black dress with a slit in the middle that exposes the chest and ends in a very short skirt. The blonde hair, on the other hand, is styled as usual with different braids that collect everything behind the neck. You like that Cosplay on the subject of fate / night?

Don't miss out on the latest news from Fate / Stay Night: Heaven's Feel - spring song, the last film in the Heaven's Feel film trilogy produced by Ufotable.

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