The world of Spider-Man is full of characters, each with their own life and sometimes even a head. When Miles Morales begins a new story, we remember that there are classic characters who belong to the first generations of the United States Spiderverse.

Spider-Man, the black cat, poison and many others have now become icons, even if they are all associated with the first versions of the world created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. What if we try to combine the three characters above? A cosplayer tried it and showed her result on Instagram.

FabibiKnown for his explosive forms and having played many characters ranging from manga and anime to movies, the Chilean cosplayer focuses on Spider-Man comics. As you can see below, it's new sexy cosplay unites the black cat with Spider-Manand added a touch of black with a little poison. As she reveals, it was a cosplay that was done at home due to the quarantine, but still seems very popular with fans, as it quickly reached almost 20,000 likes on her site. What do you think of this Spider-Man cosplay?

For fans of pure characters, Enji Night presented a beautiful and magnetic Black Cat cosplay instead.

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