The Android saga brought news to Dragon Ball. Journeys into the Future were introduced, the Red Band was revived with science fiction projects, and an incurable disease came that even Goku couldn't handle without preparation. And then they came that Androids mentioned by Future Trunks.

First, two creatures appeared that were anything but threatening to Vegeta and his companions. Only after a few episodes appeared those who appeared to be the real antagonists of this Dragon Ball Z saga, namely the two twins C17 and C18. As the story progresses, the two get embroiled in other storylines and end up being fine with 18 even Krillin's wife and Marron's mother.

C18 has been proposed in a thousand versions by fans of over the years Dragon Ball Z, especially passionate about the cybernetic blonde. Russian cosplayer MK Ays decided to wear a striped t-shirt and denim jacket to introduce herself as a blonde woman from anime and manga. Below is the photo of the C18 Cosplay in the foreground which has exceeded 20,000 likes in a few hours.

Do you know how old 17 and 18 are in Dragon Ball?

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