There are so many characters in Dragon ballmany of which disappear after a few tales. However, there are some who have carved out a space, albeit secondary to that of Goku and Vegeta. An example is cyborg number 18, one of Doctor Gelo's technological jewels and an opponent of the protagonists for some time.

The The space gained by C18 has gradually expanded Thanks to his popularity with fans who voted him the best female character in Dragon Ball. By becoming Krillin's wife and then participating in the Tenkaichi tournament, 18 was still seen and much more so than 17's twin. She then returned to use in Dragon Ball Super, also here with less importance than the absolute protagonists, but with respectable appearances.

There are so many for that Cosplay from C18 these are produced by fans and we are presenting one of them to you today. Below we see the photo of the blonde C18 made by Tenkou, a cosplayer picking up one of the character's first outfits. The girl is wearing the denim jacket and black shirt with striped sleeves, a denim skirt and dark leggings, and a pair of brown ankle boots.

A cosplay presented # 17 and # 18 together and confirmed that Dragon Ball Z's androids are always on the crest of the waves.

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A contribution from Tenkou (@tenkoucosplay)

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