The one of Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the epics of our rich anime / manga industry most important ever, a franchise that over the course of these long years has managed to earn the unconditional love of millions and millions of fans, including readers and spectators scattered in every corner of the globe.

With such an endless fanbase, it is easy to understand why the most famous social networks are constantly filled with new themed fanmade works every day, including cosplay and fan-art of the highest level often revealed to be able to win countless praises from the public. Among the many, however, there is also @lowcostcosplayth, cosplayer who has conquered the web - and whom we have dealt with on our pages several times - thanks to his high quality but at the same time incredibly low budget cosplay.

Well, our hero is back in the limelight with yet another job, this time dedicated to Dragon Ball Z and, more specifically, to Goku Super Saiyan 3. Everything has been put on display through some images depicting the various stages for the construction of the cosplay - and that you can see in depth news -, once again relying on everyday objects that, however, mixed together with a pinch of genius, they brought to light a result as successful as it was hilarious that has been able to earn the praise of many users.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that just recently a spectacular Dragon Ball Z themed figure has been unveiled and dedicated to Bardock and Raditz.

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