The end of Demon Slayer has now come, although the manga has left the stage for new announcements, including a spin-off focused on the Pillar of Fire, Rengoku. Nonetheless, the series was accompanied by a series of appalling records that, wherever you look at it, contributed to the Japanese publishing industry.

Although not everyone agrees, proving the controversy sparked by the words of the designer of One Punch Man, the manga of Demon Slayer it has reinvigorated the sector, raising the bar of comic book sales worldwide. Only at home, with the same numbers, the work has even surpassed ONE PIECE in several places, a goal unthinkable until a few months ago. Anyway, with the new issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Kimetsu no Yaiba's adventure ends on the famous weekly, albeit not without some comments from some of the magazine's top authors. The dad of My Hero AcademiaIndeed, Kohei Horikoshi writes:

"Really good job, Gotouge sensei! Thanks a lot for this super interesting manga. It's a legend! "

Gege Akitami, however, creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, a title that will soon enjoy an animated series, describes the conclusion of the work as follows:

"Congratulation for the conclusion. I'm sure that the number of manga fans has increased thanks to Demon Slayer. It's sensational! "

Also Posuka Demizu, from The Promised Neverland, spent two words on the work:

"What a spectacular ending, Gotouge sensei! Today is a great day! I will look forward to the day of your return."

Obviously, the words of praise were not lacking in the response from the author, moved by the splendid words of her colleagues:

"Thank you very much. To all those who supported me I wish you much happiness."

And you, instead, what do you think of these comments from the authors of Jump? Tell us yours, as usual, with a comment below.

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