Throughout the history of Dragon ball and in its continuation we got to know numerous gods. A fan cosplay is dedicated to one of them. Let's see it together.

Since the first series, Akira has introduced Toriyama to her readers numerous deities, from the god of earth to the gods of destruction and the angels of Dragon Ball Super. These characters of limitless strength have often become Teacher for Goku and Vegeta who were able to learn new and powerful techniques based on their knowledge.

We can remember among them King Quay of the North, the one who has the task of controlling the section of Universe 7 in which the earth is located and who, at the beginning of the Z series, taught the protagonist the powerful movement of the Kaiohken and the Genkidama. To pay homage to the sympathetic deity, the fan dedicated one to Nadyasonika Cosplay.

As we can see in the Instagram post posted at the bottom of the news, the woman plays the role of the skilled martial arts god wearing the signature black uniform shows the kanji of his name. The first impact is the blue skin like King Kaioh's and we can see that too Antennas on the head of the girl and sunglasses.

Unfortunately, the character's presence in the series is significantly reduced, but this did not prevent this wonderful interpretation from being born. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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