Who is Kira? This question has worried the Japanese and the world police, as well as the famous and mysterious detective L, for a long time. But we readers or viewers of Death Note knew this answer from the beginning Death report. The protagonist Light Yagami plays the role of what others see as a deity.

After the protagonist of Death Note received the nickname Kira, which emerged from the distortion of the Japanese pronunciation of the word killer, he is faced with criminals and the police who want to keep him by name in a notebook and unpredictable tricks. But over time, a second Kira is also added with some very different options than the original. Misa Amane is a model who then comes into contact with light and light two together will be able to keep control of the world for a long time, albeit with a strong imbalance in the relationship in favor of the male protagonist.

Today these two Kira are back in the real version: the Light and Misa Cosplay What you can see below shows the pair with the clothes they often wore before the time jump. Light Yagami has the usual school uniform with a jacket and elegant trousers, while Misa shows off one of her Gothic Lolita outfits.

In addition to another solo cosplay from Misa Amane, one fan also managed to reproduce a terrifying cosplay from Ryuk.

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After postponing this cosplay for about 2 years, I present you the first official recording of the dynamic duo: God Complex Boy and Goth Harley Quinn. πŸ‘Œ Photo by Stefan Solakov Light Yagami by @zin_inc Thanks to the best assistant @minty_amber_ εΌ₯ ζ΅·η ‚

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