Not all Quirks in My Hero Academia They are convenient to use. Some of these are too weak to have a noticeable effect and therefore do not affect people's everyday lives, almost as if they have no quirks. Others, on the other hand, make too much of a fuss and have destructive or serious side effects.

Tomura Shigaraki knows about it, with a power that led him to destroy the entire family. But other powers that seem harmless can also cause problems, and we've seen that since the first chapter of My Hero Academia. Mount Lady is a heroine who can reach a very great height, where the chosen name is no coincidence. Its problem is that it can only vary from natural to full height, with no midpoints. This forces her to outgrow herself and cause problems every time she needs to spring into action, a recurring gag in some scenes of the manga and extras drawn over her by Horikoshi.

Despite the few appearances, however, he remains an intriguing figure who is held in high esteem. Here's one Mount Lady Cosplay from My Hero Academia designed by Miss Bri, again able, with the help of some graphic retouching, to reach a height comparable to the tallest buildings. On the villains page, you'll find Himiko Toga's cosplay instead.

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