The public's passion for certain anime and manga goes well beyond time. An example can be done for bleaching, the most famous manga by Tite Kubo, which was undoubtedly part of a golden age for Japanese comics and helped it land all over the world. In fact, the story ended in 2016, a few years ago.

However, the new series of Bleach with the Millennial War, the last and only part not adapted from the first anime which ended in 2012, it attracted a lot of people. Now the world eagerly awaits the return of the protagonists to face the latest challenge. Not much is known about her return, some rumors speak of Disney +, the streaming service from Mickey Mouse.

Inevitably among those who will return to fight to save Soul Society from new enemies is Abarai Renji, the Deputy Captain who faced Ichigo in the past and then became his ally, showing that he is over has extraordinary abilities and above all is a Bankai. a power strong enough to earn him the rank of Captain of Gotei 13 Abarai Renji Cosplay for women with Zabimaru unlinedin an excellent result which you can observe below.

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