The wizards of Black clover were a constant in Japanese and non-Japanese television programming. As with long-standing anime like ONE PIECE or others like Naruto and Bleach, Studio Pierrot has opted for a constant broadcast of Black Clover over the past three and a half years.

A race that was interrupted in late March when the last episode of Black Clover aired. Now we have to wait a long time to see Asta and his friends who will return in the next few years thanks to the Black Clover movie. Not much is known about this feature film yet, but it is certain that we will see all of the main characters in action, including the sorceress. Noelle Silva.

As a member of the Black Bull, Noelle was the first prominent female character to appear in manga and anime and became more and more of a fundamental and steadily growing character. The fandom values ​​it very much and there are several for that Cosplay by Noelle Silvaand you can find one of them at the bottom of the news

It's on Instagram Cosplayer Mayweda proposed her own version of Noelle. Silver hair in two braids, white and purple dress that gives her a regal look and bright purple eyes: this Noelle seems to reflect those of the anime in every way.

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