During the first season of The attack of the giants We met an important enemy. After the first phase, in which the world and the main characters were introduced, as well as the power of the protagonist, the final episodes focused on the fight with the giantess.

Who faced this creature was Eren Jaeger, in a first fight in the forest of the huge trees, which was miserably lost, and then in a king's game within the walls, which led to many casualties among civilians, but also to the capture of the creature and its owner which his power. We featured a cosplay of the Attack Giant, while there is now one dedicated to the female giant used by Annie Leonhart.

Cosplayer Jannet enters the world of Attack on Titan with one Perfect cosplay of the female giant, visible in the post below. In addition to the blonde wig, Jannet used body paint to reproduce the giant's physical characteristics, from the red muscle fibers to the type of white skin that covers some parts of the body. There The pose then continues that used by Annie In the various fights, even more is drawn into the role thanks to a background effect. Reached almost 25,000 likes and therefore a lot of appreciation. What do you think of this cosplay theme, The Attack of the Giants?

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