The fourth season ofAttack of the giants showed another version of Eren appearing as a war veteran in the nation of Marley to launch the attack that led to the bloody events in the final episodes that somehow gave more power to the same protagonist featured in a Nice Cosplay.

Eren's brutal actions also shocked many of his comrades, particularly the number of innocent people killed during his march on Marley, and while the Scout Army considers resolving the situation regarding Zeke's planThe younger Jaeger seems distant and not fully involved in the operation. The discussion between Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Connie leads to distrust and concern about Jaeger how much blood must be shed before the end of the war.

Once again, to pay homage to the character from an animated series, @lowcostcosplayth is back, who has shown his wits in cosplay as Sasha Blouse and Ace from ONE PIECE for the past few weeks and this time wanted to get dressed the role of Eren himself, who poses in one of the pictures of the fourth seasonas you can see from the post at the bottom of the page.

Recall, concerns and incarcerations surfaced in the episode 12 preview, and we'll leave you with the season four closing details revealed by the same MAPPA studio.

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