The serialization of My Hero Academia is currently on hiatus, but Kohei Horikoshi just can't get away from his job. Instead of resting in the face of the epilogue, the Sensei wanted to give his fans a new portrait.

Chapter 352 of the work skipped the usual weekly schedule at Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus to arrive a week late. That short break, the author should have used to catch his breath and catch his breath in view of the grand finale. However, Kohei Horikoshi just can't stay away from his creature.

After the very latest artwork for Uraraka and Nejire Hado, the mangaka has released another one in quick succession. This time, however, he educated himself an unprecedented pair of heroes. These two protagonists, both Class 1-A students, never had the opportunity to deepen their relationship, but are now united in the work of their "father".

Horikoshi's sketch shows Toru Hagakure, also known as the heroine Invisible Girl, takes a half jump. Dressed in a bustier and knee-high boots, the invisible girl isn't all that invisible as we can admire her face. At his side we find Eijiro Kirishimawho instead wears a bandana and an actual bad-boy jacket that leaves his stomach uncovered.

Horikoshi recently returned to talk about the ending of My Hero Academia. May they both find that they must work together in the last war against the villain? And you, what do you think of the sketch and this impromptu collaboration?

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