Permeated madness and darkness Chainsaw man, the latest work that Tatsuki Fujimoto brought to Weekly Shonen Jump. The work stood out in particular, attracting enthusiasts over enthusiasts, who by the end of the first part let it grow to 11 million printed and accompanied copies.

Many characters from the first part of the manga really left their mark, and certainly among them Makima, the leader of the group of devil hunters who found the protagonist Denji. Strong red hair, always fully dressed in a white shirt, tie, dark trousers and jacket, she is one of the most enigmatic and unpredictable characters from Chainsaw Man.

Russian cosplayer Xenon has the help of photographer Akunohano, who is very active in anime and manga photography due to his collaboration with other Russian models like MK.Ays, to create this great makima cosplay. Between the original photo, photo montages and photo compositing, the result is certainly excellent and gives the character a dark aura. What do you think about this Chainsaws Man Themed Cosplay available in the photo below?

Misaki Sai also suggested a very dark makima on his Instagram account.

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