Chainsaw Man started with a bang: After years of waiting, the first installment of the series is finally online, available at crispy rollwith young Denji struggling with an unhealthy and abandoned life until a pact with little Pochita transforms him forever and turns him into the chainsaw devil.

chainsaw man It's now topping the charts in everything from volume sales to Twitter trends. More and more fans can't wait to understand how the story of the protagonist continues in the manga with the second part available on Manga Plus.When he transforms, Denji becomes a living chainsaw whose head becomes a Motor will make that gigantic chainsaw appear, but even the arms have those rotating blades that deal a lot of damage to enemies.

What if Denji had been a woman instead?? How about? To hypothesize this female version, thinks Anne, a cosplayer who thought about making one Cosplay of the chainsaw man but female. In practice, a chainsaw woman who wears the same uniform as Denji but has a short skirt instead of pants. Other than that, there aren't much differences, and it's likely that Tatsuki Fujimoto would have drawn it the same way if she were the protagonist.

Here is a classic transformed Denji cosplay with chainsaws active.

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