The project Nier machines has revived the Nier brand that has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to this video game. We took on the role of 2B, an attractive woman in a fluttering black dress who slapped opponents of all kinds to accomplish her mission.

Over time, Nier Automata has sold more and more, gaining public approval years after the first console version. 2B has attracted a lot of fans Thanks to their movements and details, many cosplayers were born who embodied them. In fact, almost every professional cosplayer on the net has reproduced the protagonist of Nier Automata, as Shirogane-sama has done several times.

But today that 2B cosplay that has drawn massive audiences is that of Grusha, Cosplayer who previously played the role of A2, another character from Nier Automata. And because of that, along with this new photo showing a captivating 2B, it poses a challenge: is it better 2B or A2? Certainly the 2B available in this photo does not make the choice easy.

To choose from, you can also refer to the Nier Automata A2 cosplay proposed by Alin Ma, which is attracting a lot of followers on Instagram.

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