The portal Business Insider interviewed the producer of the anime adaptation of the manga Yuru Camp ((Relaxed camp), Shouichi has towhere he shared some of the secrets behind the hit anime. He mentioned this even though the manga is published in the magazine Manga Time Kirarawhich tends to be associated with stories Piece of life they empathize moeYuru Camp has a few different nuances in her appeal and she wanted to make sure that was captured in the anime. In particular, there were two things he wanted to avoid:

  • If a character praises another girl, don't let her say, “How cute you are!.
  • Don't let them become sensitive so easily.

Hotta stated that this would pigeonhole the genre and that these types of representations do not exist in the original work. Although the anime includes some new lines of dialogue and other additions, these were made to better capture the essence of the original work in an animated and clipped medium.

""An unskilled person could inadvertently include items that don't really fit the core of the original work, so I banned it myself.He explained. ""Instead, we tried to work with dialogue and pauses to give birth to someone who felt unique at Yuru Camp. A good example of this is the third episode of the first season with the line of the dialogue: "Nadeshiko, wake up." I think we could use it to represent a real human relationship instead of adorning it".

Yuru Camp

Hotta, who has followed Yuru Camp's original manga closely since its first chapter, mentioned that the appeal of the franchise lies in how "does not stick to moeHe noted that it also portrays camp activity from a beginner's point of view, and due to the delicate balance between the various elements of the manga, Hotta mentioned that the anime staff always fought the temptation to highlight elements of their personal taste. This was true of both the storage sections and the factor moe from "pretty girls doing pretty things." That's why Hotta always tried to strike a 50/50 balance between history and camp. The second, he explained, is a narrative resource that also develops the relationships between characters.

Finally, the interview also addressed the subject of what will come in the second season of the animated adaptation. If the first season was about bringing the girls together, the second season puts more emphasis on what they experience separately. He said even though the girls "they will part"It's not in the sense that they're going to have a fight, but that"It will be a moment for each of them to think about what they want for themselves".

Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp Synopsis

While the perfect vacation for most girls her age may be an extravagant vacation with loved ones, Rin Shima's ideal way to go camping alone at the base of Mount Fuji is. From setting up her tent to collecting firewood, she has always done everything herself and has no plans to leave her lonely little world.

What begins as one of Rin's usual camping sessions, however, ends somewhat as a surprise reunion for two when the lost Nadeshiko Kagamihara is forced to seek refuge at her camp. Nadeshiko originally intended to see the scenic view of Mount Fuji for herself, but her plans are interrupted when she falls asleep in the middle of her destination. Alone and with no other option, she seeks the help of the only person around. Despite their hasty introduction, the two girls enjoy the cold night together, eating ramen and chatting while the campfire keeps them warm. And even after Nadeshiko's sister finally picked her up later that night, both girls considered in silence whether they could go camping together.

Source: ANN

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