Many avid readers of Dragon Ball Super Since the return of Freeza, who has been thinking about a possible reinterpretation of the Cell saga from that of Trunks of the Future in the narrative arc that caused Goku and Vegeta to fight Zamasu in the alternate timeline, which is plausible due to recent events have been done.

We're not talking about the return of Cell, of course, although the narrative base on which Dragon Ball Super is based could fully justify the appearance of the antagonist in question, but rather of Another android that seems ready to threaten the entire planet earth and maybe the entire universe created by Toriyama. This is a story that could have many elements in common with what we saw in Dragon Ball Z. So we decided to make a comparison with the details revealed so far.

The first common element is the connection between narrative arcs, which is very rare in Dragon Ball Super, where some developments in the Molo saga will have serious consequences for the future of the adventures of the Z warriors, while the narrative arc of the androids in Dragon Ball Z, It was linked to the events of the Freeza saga and the arrival of Future Trunks. Furthermore In the new story, the bow of the evil androids will play a significant role, especially the powerful OG-73I that can absorb and use the skills of other fighters.

Survivor Granola made its debut in Dragon Ball Z, much like Future Trunks, and the presence of the androids is a clear reference to the Cell saga. This is what we know so far, but given Toyotaro's words about the new story arc, it might turn out to be the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in some characters.

Just remember a fan wanted a picture to remember the evil of Molo, and we'll leave you prediction for chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super.

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