Good news for all Duel Monsters fans! In 2022, Yu-Gi-Oh! will return with a new anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Go in a hurry. Here are the first details on the eighth animated iteration of the franchise.

During the Shueisha Jump Festa 2022, the Yu-Gi-Oh! She was shocked by a sudden announcement. Over the next year, the animated series will return with a new date, the eighth of the franchise. The announcement was accompanied by a briefing PV teaser shows the unpublished protagonist, some monsters and supporting characters and one Promotional key visual.

The eighth iteration of the anime based on Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, will Yu-Gi-Oh! Go rush and will haunt the events of Yudias, one Alien of the planet Belgar. So if we talked about Egyptian gods at the beginning of the saga, this time we will talk about nonhuman creatures.

The new protagonist will travel to planet Earth to find the Rush Duel, an item he hopes will help him find a bright future. He and his friends were indeed forced to leave their home planet. To counteract this, there will be brothers Yuama and Yuhi, who are part of a group of alien hunters.

To animate this new season that will debut inApril 2022, will be the company responsible for Sevens, that is bridge. Nobuhiro Kondo is named as the director, while Naoto Hashimoto is named as the assistant director. In addition, the preview of the original voice has been published. Yudias, the protagonist Alien, will have the voice of Arthur Lounsbery.

Are you happy about this announcement? We leave you a tutorial on the anime of Yu-Gi-Oh! and a gift idea for Christmas: the historic official Duel Disk.

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