During the Yu-Gi-OhThe theme of the games began to move temporarily and then finally around the dueling monsters. This card game has also fascinated many people in and outside the universe. The Yu-Gi-Oh anime started with showing the protagonist Yugi Muto struggling with this game.

Obviously there were many enemies that Yugi had to face during his dueling career, but the one who, one way or another, was causing him the biggest problems Seto Kaiba, the eternal rival. Seto, the heir to the Kaiba Corporations, was the protagonist of cowardly or mean decisions or strange scenes in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime several times. Let's look at five of them.

The first Yu-Gi-Oh scene we'll tell you about is the one in which Seto Kaiba threatened suicide. During the tournament on Pegasus Island, Kaiba was forced to do everything possible to get into the enemy's hiding place and threatened suicide in a duel with Yugi in order to win. In the end, he achieved one victory using this method, the only one against his rival.

In time, let's go ahead and see Seto Kaiba's ability with cards. But not these tactics for the game, but those of the launch. On a few occasions, Kaiba has shown that he knows how to toss the cards in his deck with pinpoint accuracy and challenges the laws of physics. Sometimes it seems that they even hurt the target.

In the movie Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Side of Dimensionscomes a new clash between Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto. Determined to win, Kaiba uses the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon card, the strength of which is determined by the number of dragons in the graveyard. Kaiba does not expect an amateur move and loses the duel.

During the Duel City tournament Kaiba has allowed some strange duelists to use counterfeit cards. He had no qualms about letting them play softly even while keeping an eye on them, and one of them was an opponent of Yugi's.

Let us return to the Kingdom of Duelists with another gesture that is completely against Kaiba's rules, but in this case saved Yugi's life. One of the battles that the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh faced was with a self-proclaimed "Spirit of Kaiba," a man sent by Pegasus. This character had the entire deck of the real Kaiba and used it until he came to summon the blue-eyed white dragon. However, it was an intervention of the real one Kaiba, who manipulated the monsters' data to save the protagonist.

Did you know these scenes? The City of Duelists tournament is now one of the top 5 Battle Shonen tournaments according to the ranking.

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