To do the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! it was not only the heated rivalry between Yugi and Kaiba or the mysteries of ancient Egypt, but also the monsters themselves that animate the battles of the dueling monsters. What if the lore of these neglected protagonists were one day deepened by an anthological anime series?

When we talk about Yu-Gi-Oh! speak, our thoughts can only direct us to characters like the black magician, the Blue eyes white dragon, or the mighty Exodia. But if these characters are so loved by the public then why aren't they used to spin off?

From the end of the adventure of Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba, the anime from Yu-Gi-Oh! lives as incessant decline. So why create series with new characters when in reality the audience would rather live the story of characters they already know and love?

The community began to mobilize after the post from a Reddit user who posted a Appeal to the staff of the franchise. The different series follow the stories of duelists who use the game and the cards of Duel Monsters to achieve their goals and desires. However, fans want to turn things around by creating a spin-off miniseries that tells the story and Lore behind the most famous cards by Yu-Gi-Oh !.

Following the example of PokΓ©mon Evolutions, a series of around ten episodes could be created focuses solely on monsters like Obelisk, Kuriboh, the red-eyed black dragon or the young dark magician.

Do you want an anime like that? We leave this statue of Yu-Gi-Oh! made by First 4 Figure and the recent opening of the Kaiba Corporation Store.

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