If there is one quality that made it famous Yu-Gi-Oh are certainly the absurd hair of the protagonists. Anime is known around the world for the characters' colorful hair, but Yu-Gii-Oh went further and offered hairstyles that defy gravity.

The design was created by user Twitter leario4, self-proclaimed "the Guru of Yu-Gi-Oh". The fan gave Yugi and his alter ego Yami this lookand shortly after the picture was posted on Twitter, the post went viral and left fans in awe.

In the picture and Yami Yugi are next to each other, the blonde bangs frame their faces and Yugi's colored hair looks like a slightly edgy boband that look doesn't bother us at all. In fact, some fans have compared these hairstyles to a look an e-boy would wear and now the image of the Yugi-e-boy is imprinted on our minds. As for Yami, The old pharaoh seems to show his curly hair with ease. In fact, it looks like a model straight out of a magazine, and gold accessories give it a lot!

In short, this makeover was unexpected, but it was very much appreciated by fans all over the world! And what do you think of this version of Yugi and Yami?

Who knows if the deck used by Yugi can be competitive in real game. Meanwhile, a Yu-Gi-Oh Easter egg was found in Hades, the title of Supergiant Games!

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