Although the three protagonists of have repeatedly demonstrated their fighting ability Yashahime: Princess half-demon They still lack strategies, and this weakness could be a great asset to exploit.

Riku continues in the 17th episode of Inuyasha's sequel, entitled "The Trap of the Two Beasts" weave its very intertwined canvas. Kirinmaru believes the boy is his most trusted servant, but his loyalty seems to be only to himself.

In fact, it is Riku who suggests drafting Konton a trap for the three princesses. Totetsu is used as bait to drop the protagonists into the intricate trap that naively fall completely into.

Deceived and separated by a magical field, the princesses can only free themselves by a stroke of luck. Given the difficult challenges that await them in the future, Moroha, Towa and Setsuna will have to work hard to improve their challenges Affinity in battle.

With opponents of the caliber of the four beasts, the daughters of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru cannot afford to engage in a fight without studying any tactics beforehand. Meanwhile, one Yashahime protagonist's past reminded her of a great lesson. The Yashahime director spoke about the challenges of producing the sequel.

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