The usual weekly appointment with the anime by Yashahime: Princess half-demon allows fans to ponder the concept of brotherhood and brotherly love. Will Sesshoumaru's two daughters have learned to respect and love one another?

The tenth episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, entitled The Pearls of the Golden and Silver Rainbow, which can be streamed on Crunchyroll, places the protagonists looking for kinka and ginka, two serpent demons of the Ka tribe. The duo are linked by a brotherhood, but because of their origins, they cannot rest until one kills the other. However, Kinka and Ginka, cornered by the three protagonists, realize that they own the rainbow pearls and agree to work together.

The initial conflict between the two serpent demons allows Towa and Setsuna to better understand their own relationship. Owned by Kinka and Ginka, the two sisters You are forced to fight between them, but still they show great willpower and cannot harm each other.

When Kinka and Ginka manage to escape the battle and return to their clan with the rainbow pearls, the chief betrays the two demons. At this point, Kinka tries to save her brother Ginka's life.

When Setsuna sees the scene, she has a flashback of the fire that made her break up with her sister in her childhood. This sad memory, which Towa also shares, finally allows it to the two sisters to get closer. The bond between the protagonists of Yashahime has finally strengthened. We admire Towa's new bizarre armor in Yashahime.

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