It's time to say goodbye too Yashahime: Princess half-demon, Continuation of Inuyasha, who brought us back to the Japanese feudal times through the irreverent and exciting story of the three warrior princesses, daughters of the old protagonists. But the season finale created a new status quo that changed the series forever.

The penultimate episode ended with Sesshoumaru bringing Lady Zero back to life thanks to the power of his Tenseiga. Indeed, Kirinmaru's sister's life is closely tied to that of Rin's: if she died, the twins' mother would also perish. But after the resurrection, Zero destroys Sesshoumaru's sword and promises vengeance.

However, the latest episode of Yashahime titled "The Daughters of Sesshoumaru" shuffles the cards again. Despite Kirinmaru's apology, Inuyasha's brother is fed up with Zero's plans and games. Suddenly he changed his mind unleashes his need for blood: Instead of seeing his beloved Rin as a farmer, he would rather see her dead.

But at this point, Kirinmaru, frustrated with the situation, scatter the rainbow stones away, guilty of this confrontation. Determined to fight Sesshoumaru and his daughters, however, his sister, abandoning the relationship with Kirinmaru, runs away to look for the stones that Inuyasha's brother is chasing.

Left alone, the three princesses find themselves in the presence of Kirinmaru, who claims that they have weakened their natural strengths by relying too much on the stones. Teased by his words, Setsuna sets out to attack, but comes with a sensational twist surprisingly killed.

Kirinmaru is sorry, has no real desire to kill the three girls, and regards this act as self-defense. But Moroha and Towa, who now remember themFire in the forest, prepare for battle.

Driven by anger for what just happened, the two princesses unleash their full powers. Moroha eventually gains complete control of her Beniyasha transformation while Towa transforms into her father's copy. The duo combine their potential and almost defeat the demon beast king. In the end, however, they still don't make it.

The final episode of Yashahime ends with a large cliffhanger, suggesting that most likely this isn't Setsuna's real ending. After Tenseiga is now shattered, Jaken discovers him accompanied by the blacksmith Totosai new legendary sword is about to be born. Through the remains of Sesshoumaru's sword, this blade could be used to save Setsuna's life.

But if Setsuna dies or stays alive, we won't find out until the second season of Yashahime. Before that, we witnessed the revenge of the three Yashahime princesses.

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