Both good and bad mutants coexist on Krakoa Island and work together for a better future of racing. However, some old antagonists are having a hard time accepting this upheaval and one of them seems ready to come back to it Beat the X-Men and the mutated society.

Volume 14 of New Mutants, the first to be written by the author Vita Alaya, reports one of the most classic antagonists of the X-Men in the spotlight. This powerful mutant, one of Professor X's oldest enemies, seems to have a plan that will not lead to anything good.

New Mutants # 14, illustrated by Rod Reis, begin unveiling the origins of Amahl Farouk, better known as the King of Shadows. The pages of the volume reveal that the King of Shadows is a psychic being who bonded with Amahl when the mutant was an innocent young man desperately looking for the loss of his father.

Once that flashback is over, the comic returns, focusing on the young mutants trying to train to improve their group skills. However, the King of Shadows has them gets dressed by inviting her to his meeting place in the caves of the mountain. Although the former antagonist fought for krakoa during the Empyrean event, it is still unclear what his current intentions are. Will he return to attack the mutants? The first terrestrial incarnation of the New Phoenix appears in the new X-Men series. The risky retcon of a Fantastic Four character was commented on by X-Men lead author Jon Hickman.

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