The last few years have been particularly important for X-MenAbove all, think of the elaborate rebirth project by Jonathan Hickman and many other designers. Just think of the Dawn of X and Reign of X series, and for this summer the series writers have prepared an event that involved several fans, the Hellfire Gala.

These special party with the residents of Krakoa will debut this summer and develop over 12 volumes. In order to raise the expectations of the Marvel Comics community, they decided to release some tables from the Hellfire Gala series to await some of the members of the new mutant team These readers helped build it through online voting.

The two posts below, posted on Twitter by the Marvel Entertainment official account, actually featured two conversations, the first in between Strong guy and blacksmith and the second between speed and boom-boom. Six cartoons for each story that are infinite have revealed that none of the characters featured will actually be part of the X-Men group. An undoubtedly original initiative that has also given space for characters that are less preferred by readers.

This means that Armor, Banshee, Cannonball, Polaris, Sunspot, and Mark are still in the running. Keep in mind that an important character is back in Children of Atom 1, and we're leaving you up to the new costumes the mutants will wear during the gala.

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