In the past, the souls were prepared solely by drawing the scenes by hand. Today the animation studios are equipped with software and tricks that, if used sensibly, can save you time with acceptable results. One of them is the use of CG, apparently will also be present in The Attack of the Giants 4.

As communicated on the Twitter page Attack on Titan Wiki, always well informed about the movements of the production of anime and manga, the employees of the MAPPA studio have one Collaboration with a new director of CG Animation. The name of this new member of the group is unknown but comes from the V-Sign studio, which is known for its productions with the 3DCG.

In Attack of the Giants 4, we'll likely see scenes in 3DCG as well That could affect some giants like Armin's Colossal. We'll have to wait to see a hint of this 3DCG graphic as some rumors suggest that Attack of the Giants 4 will be postponed to 2021. In addition to the problems of the past few months, MAPPA is busy with another anime that will be added to the already heavy workload of this animation studio, which will also air in the fall Jujutsu Kaisen.

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