The Jump Festa is held in Japan like every year to present the news about all the spiritual qualities of Shueisha. The publisher leaves plenty of space for his work from Weekly Shonen Jump, Young Jump, Ultra Jump and the fresh digital magazine Shonen Jump +. One of the most famous titles is of course My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi.

Following the announcement a few months ago, a new trailer for My Hero Academia 5 has been unveiled and will air from the end of March. But beyond this video, some words from the mangaka itself were also surprising. Kohei Horikoshi actually said "I think maybe the manga will be finished soonbut i will make sure you like it by then! "

The phrase immediately sparked an uproar, as one might think that My Hero Academia will end soon. However, as can be seen from analyzing the author's words, this is not the case. It is true that putting these words together at the end of My Hero Academia's important arc could ring some alarm bells for fans, but it is also true that The author used very probabilistic and hypothetical tones and that points to a conclusion that is very far in the future. With the story yet to be debated, My Hero Academia could be released for a few more years, if not a little longer.

Not to mention that any mangaka that makes predictions hopelessly ignores them, as the story, as several authors have noted, continues to grow and therefore takes more time to develop. In short, for now, fans can rest easy My Hero Academia, which she will be with for a while.

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