For more than a year and a half, Shueisha has set up its own digital service to follow the manga published in Japan on Weekly Shonen Jump. After making the VIZ Media service available in the US for free and with a paid database, it focused on that in early 2019 at the debut of MangaPlus for Europe and the rest of the world.

In the last few months MangaPlus has confirmed the winning move, which after the closure of some English groups has enlarged its catchment area, which will increase again in the coming months with the exit from the pirate area Kissmanga. The editor Momiyama is waiting for new dates on visits announced a meeting on the future of MangaPlus on Twitter.

However, the editor had included important messages in a tweet, immediately deleted them and replaced them with another more general tweet. At first, Momiyama actually had made it clear that new languages โ€‹โ€‹would arrive on MangaPlus, French and Brazilian PortugueseThen he customized the game by mentioning that he had a streaming meeting with some MangaPlus executives from Europe and Latin America.

Therefore, according to Tagalog, French could be the language added to Shueisha's manga platform. An expansion means that more and more people can use the weekly Shonen Jump Manga around the world. With the introduction of the most widely spoken languages, the opportunity to see ONE PIECE at the same time as Japan in Italian is getting closer and closer.

Of course, Momiyama's first tweet, which was then deleted, was possibly just a mistake. We just have to wait and see for the next few months News about the fate of MangaPlus.

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