Long gone are the days when Akira Toriyama drew the Namek saga and with it one of the most charismatic villains in the series: the extraterrestrial Freeza, the galactic emperor. High ranking and very dangerous mutant, he was main enemy of Dragon Ball. With his four forms he has kept the whole galaxy on a leash.

His last form was the slim version with purple inserts until a few years ago, then the special mecha form followed, badly ended by Trunks. His Returning to Dragon Ball Super however, it marked a new genesis for the villain. Surprisingly, in the movie The Resurrection of 'F', Freeza is the main villain who gets a new transformation, Gold Freeza. But it wasn't the last.

During the recent Dragon Ball Super manga saga, Toyotaro gave birth to Black Freeza, a new extremely powerful transformation that also knocked out Goku and Vegeta, as well as the very powerful Gas. Toyotaro has revealed how he created this form of Frieza and that implies several things. Black Frieza will be Frieza's final transformation?

According to mangaka logic, the trend of credit card importance is followed, with the standard at the base, then followed by the gold version, the platinum version, and finally the black version in that order. The black paper is therefore the luxury paper, the most important, and it seems that we cannot go beyond that. Toyotaro's reasoning therefore seems to block the appearance of other transformations of Frieza, although of course nothing prevents us from coming out with a different color and reference for the galactic ruler. The fact is that at this moment Black Freezer will last for quite a while.

And what do you expect from Frieza's future? Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super is focused on Goten and Trunks' lives at school for the moment.

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