According to the intentions of Eiichiro Oda that The Wano saga is nearing its end. The current phase of ONE PIECE is unlikely to go beyond 2022 as Oda is already planning the final wano scene. However, it will be a while before Luffy and his companions have to overcome huge obstacles that stand in their way.

Queen was defeated while King VS Zoro ran to the final chapter. the Spoiler from ONE PIECE 1036 tell the continuation of the series:

  • Chapter 1036 is entitled: "The way of the samurai is to find a place to die";
  • King is defeatedbut first we see another flashback with him and Kaido;
  • Rokki (number 6) is the guardian of the arsenal door;
  • Yamato arrives at the arsenal and asks Fuuga to attack Rokki;
  • Usopp attacks various enemies while defending Kinemon and Kiku;
  • Izo seems to be helping him when Usopp leaves with Kinemon and Kiku;
  • Raizou and Fukurokuju are both trapped due to the opponent's techniques blocking their movements;
  • Numbers Zanki and X-Drake were defeated by CP0. Apoo and the numbers Inbi are on the run;
  • CP0 says that if the new generation pirates can defeat the four emperors, it will determine the direction of the world;
  • Kaido and Luffy continue to fight with maximum strength;
  • Kaido hits Luffy with the Kanabo, but Luffy manages to hit the Kaiser. Both fall;
  • The two get up laughing;
  • Luffy: "It's going to be fun!";
  • Kaido: "I thought the same thing too!";

the Chapter 1036 of ONE PIECE will officially be released on January 3, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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