After a series of very important chapters from a narrative point of view, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 77 could bring the action back to the table. Kawaki intends to defy his brother again?

Escorted by Eida and Daemon, Amado managed to return to Konoha, where he finally revealed all his knowledge to the Seventh Hokage and his assistant Shikamaru. After this verbal confrontation between the leaders of the Leaf Village, a new terrible event is looming on the horizon.

Boruto appears to have become one with Momoshiki, with whom he now shares minds and can communicate telepathically. However, someone noticed Situation young Uzumaki is in.

In Boruto 76, while Eida builds the girl's shrine, Kawaki, Daemon, and the blonde ninja descendant of the Hokage are left alone. Shortly thereafter, Momoshiki appears involuntarily in front of Boruto, with Kawaki noticing the conversation between his brother and the Ootsutsuki.

Momoshiki was about to reveal an important truth about Eida's power, but was interrupted by Kawaki's invitation to reveal himself. The holder of Isshiki's Karma hates the Otsutsuki deeply and believes these still pose a threat to the beloved Hokage.

Kawaki shot a look of deep hatred at Boruto, who still sees danger. in the Boruto Chapter 77 Will the two come to a direct confrontation, or will Boruto be able to calm his brother down? Keep in mind that Kawaki has killed Boruto before and he may have no qualms about protecting Naruto.

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