Dragon Ball Z is a legendary anime. Inspired by the second part, the most famous part of Akira Toriyama's work, it is still broadcast far and wide in every country and in every language. There is no one who does not know Dragon Ball, and it is precisely those epic clashes and the great deaths depicted in Dragon Ball Z that are the honor.

In recent years, however, the franchise has been producing new stories again, not just through movies but with an anime too. Dragon Ball Super expands the world created by Toriyama years ago by positioning itself as a midquel and adding so much to the mythology of this fantastic world. However, the result was not the same as the previous one. Why Dragon Ball Z is better than Dragon Ball Super? Let's look at a few points where we can compare them.

  • A wider range of characters: Dragon Ball Z is always the story of Goku and Dragon Ball Super. But in the latter anime, the Saiyan protagonist's presence is exaggerated compared to the rest of the cast, who were able to influence and find more space during the Z series.
  • The transformations: the The Super Saiyan form of Goku is unmatched for iconicity and legend. Of course, it then branched out into a lot of transformations like version 2 and 3, the middle ones, but it was all far more consistent than choosing to put in the God version and the Ultra Instinct of Dragon Ball Super which, more than anything, gave so much air in different colors instead of the classic blonde.
  • Better Antagonists: Let's get Vegeta, Freeza, Cell and Majin Buu on the scales, on the others Beerus, Hit, Zamasu and Jiren. The comparison is merciless, me Dragon Ball Z enemies have infinitely superior charisma than the seconds.
  • More Fascinating Graphics: With Dragon Ball Super, we've seen a change in character design, lines, and other graphic elements between animations and style choices that lead to the Creation of a different Dragon Ball than usual. The style used in Dragon Ball Z is still the favorite of fans today who never miss an opportunity to adapt the new characters to the old style.

However, it must be said that Dragon Ball Super had good episodes and it was a crescendo. Could a possible Dragon Ball Super 2 series try to match Dragon Ball Z?

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