One of the most famous manga of the last decade is My hero academy by Kohei Horikoshi. The work attracted many fans, which made it possible to create a huge product. So, at the fairs, cosplayers who assume the role of a character from My Hero Academia, such as Yukki with the Ryukyu cosplay, are very popular.

Today we are going to reveal the biggest secret of Ochaco Uraraka. The best friend of the protagonist, Midoriya, is a skilled heroine who uses her quirk to remove and restore gravity from objects: her hero name is born from this uniqueness uravity. Numerous fans of the young woman have wondered online Who loves Uraraka?

This detail was never explicitly revealed in My Hero Academia, although it can be guessed from several characters. In fact, Uraraka is clearly in love with her friend Izuku Midoriya, who in turn has reciprocated since they met. But let's find out where Uravity's feelings are easy to guess.

First of all, the girl really appreciates it deku, for his determination and his tenacity: he is not only a loyal companion, but also a role model for Ochaco. Also, it's easy to see that Uraraka's reactions are often really over the top when Midoriya speaks or expresses herself through something funny.

icing on cake, Uraraka almost confessed his love for Deku during the final exams: Yuuga asked Uravity in a difficult situation if she had a crush on Midoriya. The girl is completely flushed, distracted and overreacting. After that, on one occasion, Uraraka finally showed jealousy towards Deku mei talked to him a little too much.

However, Uraraka has an iron will and thus has chosen to remain friends only with Midoriya in order to focus on that become a heroine. My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi very often portrays Uraraka and Deku together, and who knows, the two may not have an official relationship in the future in the future.

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