The world of The Attack of the Giants is very special. Hajime Isayama created this universe in 2009 and slowly revealed very few details. Most of the nature of this world is not discovered until later in the storyline, which raises other questions. And one of them was recently posted in an interview.

An interview appeared on Crunchyroll in which Hajime Isayama revealed several things. One of them is about Eren and his alternate life, another focuses on that Language spoken in the world of Attack on Titan. In fact, there are some questions that fans might ask, for example think of the situation that arose between Reiner and Ymir with the old characters that only the two of them could read. The question asked in the interview was: "The world of Attack on Titan is so huge, but what language do you think the characters speak?".

"I think they would speak a language that would be called the universal language of the world. You know, in the real world a good comparison would be english, but it has to do with the history of oppression and colonization. The strongest language would become the universal language in this world." Hajime Isayama's opinion thus relates to the influence of the Eldian Empire on the world, with Ymir supposedly extending King Fritz's rule by also spreading the use of the language of their own The parallel So that's made with the British colonial empire, which conquered a large part of the world and forced the local population to use English.

Do you know what the world of Attack of the Giants looks like?

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