There was a time when putting aside characters like Goku and Vegeta wasn't a problem. The Saiyan protagonist did not participate in various phases of the Dragon Ball Z sagas and played a minor role in films in which Gohan took the lead. in the Dragon Ball Super This no longer seems to be an option.

The Majin Buu saga seems to have forced the brand to do so its entire story is centered around Goku and Vegeta. With the 2010s films and then the Dragon Ball Super animated series, the two Saiyans kept the rest of the character park breathless. Will that also happen in the 2022 Dragon Ball Super movie?

Probably yes, but let's try another scenario. When we archive the possibility of seeing Yamoshi and with it the Saiyajin's past, we imagine that Goku and Vegeta are removed from Earth to train with Beerus and Whis when a threat approaches Earth. So this time it will be up to Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks and the other characters in Dragon Ball Super to get back to battle, a bit like at certain stages of the saga of the prisoner of galactic patrol.

With such a choice, they could Re-explore the mechanics and stories of some old films like the fight against Bojack or with a new enemy within reach for the Z warriors. ancient characters overshadowed by Goku and Vegeta. Who knows if it's one of the ideas that Toriyama is considering despite the brand now focused on Goku.

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