Bleach: When Tite Kubo was the focus of numerous memes

In 2009, Tite Kubo was the protagonist of numerous memes due to some artistic choices and a certain twist that he presented in his major work. bleaching.

It all started with the release of the Chapter 354 from his manga. Fans on the 4Chan website began to criticize the author who "Troll of the year"for choosing to have Yammy Arrancar assigned number 10, the number 0, which says the numbering assigned to the group of enemies goes from 0 to 9 instead of 1 to 10. Some commented this choice as" so bad that they pretty is ". .

They appeared in the same period numerous videos on YouTube this showed Kubo attacking characters in his own work with his "troll forces". Later, in 2010, a picture titled "Lazy Kubo" appeared mocking the author's decision to get Chad and Orihime to exercise hard, only to be instantly outdone by the Shinigami's numerous power-ups.

That same year, a page was even created on the Urban Dictionary website called "Kubo Troll" that heavily criticizes action decisions Adopted in Bleach. Numerous other fans have then judges the stylistic decisions negativelysuch as the lack of background, defined by the author as a "distraction for the reader" who, with his presence, would not be able to "see the characters' hearts". And around the word heart we identify another controversial idea of ​​the author: In fact, he is in a chapter of the work he decided to leave a completely blank page with the words "the heart".

One of most famous memes The mangaka also includes the presence of Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda, the authors of the other two mangas that formed with Bleach at the time the so-called "big three"who are engaged in a fight and are instantly defeated by Kubo.

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I also remind you that a new work by Kubo has received an animated adaptation: its name is Burn The Witch and it appears to be set in the same world as Bleach. The author was also recently featured in a video while fighting the gatchas from Burn The Witch.

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