Vladlove: the highly anticipated anime by the director of Ghost in the Shell is officially postponed

The famous director Mamoru Oshii, the animation studio Ichigo Animation and the Twitter profile of the anime series Vladlove, declared a few moments ago that the release period of the work has shifted from autumn 2020 to date to be assigned. Below you can read the press release with all the information on the referral.

"We have decided to postpone Vladlove's release date to protect our staff from the risks of the Coronavirus pandemic", wrote the director,"and we will be careful to communicate all the news as soon as we have a well-defined program. An anime series is no less complex to create than a movie, I've had a lot of fun in recent times and can't wait to see your reaction!". Presumably therefore, the series will not debut before the advent of 2021.

Vladlove was presented for the first time last December and will consist of 12 episodes, below you can read the synopsis: "The story tells of the adventures of Mitusgu Bamba, a girl who has found a purpose in donating blood and for this reason she often goes to a Blood Bank to donate part of her own, despite being treated with distrust by the nurse. One day, at the Blood Bank, he meets a beautiful girl who seems to come from overseas. At first, it seems that the girl is about to pass out, but suddenly she goes wild and starts to turn the Bank upside down. After losing consciousness, Mitusgu decides to take her home with him".

And what do you think of it? Were you waiting for this anime? Let us know with a comment. In case you want to stay informed instead, we advise you to take a look at the list of confirmed souls for the current season.

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