On the official page for the original anime WIT Studio, Vivy: Fluorite Eyes Song, the cover art and details of the fourth compilation of the project’s Blu-ray / DVD package have been revealed. This bundle contains episodes 7 through 9 of this project entitled “Galaxy Anthem”, “Elegy Dedicated With Love” and “Harmony of One’s Heart”.

Vivy: Fluorite Eyes Song

The release is scheduled for September 29th in Japan, with the Blu-ray version costing 8,800 yen (approx. 84 US dollars) and the DVD version 7,700 yen (approx. 74 US dollars). Benefits include a CD of songs and drama CD, a special booklet of production materials and illustrations, and commentary from the production team and speakers.

On the other hand, the series aired during the spring of 2021 season and had a total of thirteen episodes. The series aired its first and second episodes in a row on the same day of its premiere, March 3. Funimation was responsible for sales in the west. The series is among the top 100 rated in the platform’s entire catalog MyAnimeList.

Production team

  • Tappei nagatsuki (Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, Senyoku no Sigrdrifa) was credited with creating the story and writing the scripts.
  • Shinpei ezaki (Kitsutsuki Tantei-Dokoro) was responsible for directing the anime in WIT Studio, with the help of Yusuke Kubo.
  • Lift up (Tsuki ga Kirei) was credited for the original character designs while Yuuichi-Takahashi adjusted it in connection with the animation Takuma ebisu.
  • Satoru Kousaki (Beasts, lucky Star) was responsible for composing the soundtrack.

Vivy Plot: Fluorite Eyes song

The story takes place in “Nearland”, a theme park in which “Dreams, Hope and Science” coexist as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) theme park. This is where the first automated human-like AI was born. Vivy is an AI who sings on stage for park visitors every day, because her guideline is: “To make everyone happy through music”. Act wholeheartedly for park visitors. One day, an AI named Matsumoto appears in front of her. He says he came 100 years into the future with instructions to “work with Vivy to correct history and stop the war between AI and humans that is breaking out in 100 years”. This marks the beginning of IA singer Vivy’s 100-year journey.

Source: official page

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