Only a few days ago, after months of silence and speculation, production began to remove the fabric behind it Season 2 of the Vinland saga. The expectations for the return of the anime are very high thanks to a first installment that has won tens of thousands of fans from all over the world.

The first trailer of Vinland Saga 2 that aired a few days ago finally revealed the release date of the first episode which, barring unforeseen events, debuts in January 2023. There are still several months separating fans from waiting for the new episodes, which the number of episodes planned for this sequel will forgive them.

About a year ago, the director had asked the production for a reasonable number of episodes since the narrative arc.Slave Bow', with 45 chaptersit would have needed enough room for a good fit. MAP studywho replaces WIT for the new season seems to have accepted the director's requests, according to a recent report comic, a well-known insider. So according to the leaker Vinland Saga 2 will consist of a total of 24 episodesa number that ties in with the previous season and gives the staff so much leeway to suitably adapt a saga that promises to be epic and immersive.

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