Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals is just one step away from the grand finale. With the epilogue in sight, numerous theories are shaken, including the one that was supposed to explain thisAbsence of Crawler in My Hero Academia.

For a while now, readers have had the spin-off theorized the death of the protagonist Koichi Haimawari in the hands of Number 6 or All For One. His death would have explained the absence in future society of the heroes we met in Kohei Horikoshi's original work. However, this fan theory following what was discovered in the penultimate chapter no longer makes sense to exist.

After his triumph over Number 6, Koichi makes his heroic debut in Vigilante My Hero Academia 125. This time, the All Might-inspired guy no longer plays the role of the illegal law enforcement officer, but rather as a Professional hero in Captain Celebrity's agency.

L'Crawler's absence from the events of My Hero Academia it is not explained by his death, but by the fact that he began his career as a hero in the United States of America. If Koichi isn't currently joining Deku and his companions in the final battle against All For One, it's only because he's busy with the American villains.

However, some doubts remain, such as why Koichi, knowing the Japanese situation, did not intervene. The boy now known as Hero Skycrawler could have joined Star and Stripe, which alone has made its contribution to Japanese society.

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