Between the pages of avenger A tournament is in progress and the winner is granted the powers of the Phoenix. Here are some pointers as to who the flaming creature's new ability holder might be.

If it were the phoenix herself who had to choose the ideal host, her decision would be made Black PantherHowever, Marvel recently pointed out the possibility that a feminine figurewas also found: "Thor will lead the rest of the Avengers into a battle to contain the phoenix's power on earth through a mission complicated by the mysterious connection between the god of thunder and the cosmic fire bird.".

This posed a "connection" problem that it is not clear whether it is between them Thor and the phoenix itself or the new host. In the latter case, taking into account the silhouette visible at the end of the message on the cover, the most likely candidates would be Valkyrie or She-Hulk.

On the other hand, if the statement indicates a connection between the God and the Entity, it is possible that it is referring to the time when Odin was part of the group of Avengers formed a million years before the birth of Christ. Indeed, in addition to Thor's father who first human host of the phoenix.

What do you think? Who do you think the extravagant bird's next guest might be? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I remember an important hero refusing to join the Avengers and I leave a message about Avengers # 36 and the Black Panther's ability to use Mjolnir.

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