While the heroes' society is experiencing its darkest time on the pages of the main series, Vigilante: My hero Academia Illegals Keep researching the pasts of the most popular Pro Heroes. This time the focus is on a protagonist who has found little space in Kohei Horikoshi's work, namely Ingenium, Iida's brother and source of inspiration.

In the final chapter of the story told by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court, the protagonist Crawler is again embroiled in a riot caused by some villains. The authorities, however, have had enough of his interference and Send a Pro Heroes to catch him.

The Turbo Hero Ingenium is designed to "catch the high-speed villain known as The Crawler". A challenge that will decide the fastest protagonist work. At the moment we know very little about the real abilities of Quirk and Ingenium as he is stopped in the main series by the Hero Killer Stain, an event that causes a significant change in Tenya Iida.

This arrest warrant confirms once again that the figure of the Vigilanti is not recognized as legal and actually seen to the exhausting of the mean villains. It's up to crawlers to get the company to rethink their good intentions.

Vigilante My Hero Academia is about to graduate. What will become of the protagonist? Chapter 93 of Vigilante My Hero Academia highlights the potential of All Might in its prime.

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