Officially, Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals welcomed the fans after almost six years of running. The latest chapter in the spin-off series, set in the past related to the adventures of Kohei Horikoshi's manga, provides all the answers fans could wish for. Here's what happened to this protagonist!

Vigilante My Hero Academia ends with the release of the Chapter 126. Titled The Rise of Skycrawler, it explains to readers why Koichi Haimawari isn't in My Hero Academia. The former vigilante, who has now hung up this costume, has signed signed by Pro Hero with Captain Celebrity's agency and is now on regular duty in the United States of America.

In addition to the fate of Koichi, who has thus fulfilled his dream, the latest chapter of the spin-off offers one last thing Also check out the other protagonists of the series. Pop Step is still recovering from the serious injuries he sustained in the fight and is still at it along with everyone else Naruhata.

However, at the end of chapter 126 we finally see the other great protagonist of the work. After touching death brass knuckles He decided not to give up and not to give up his profession. Mind Skycrawler now protecting the United States, he's still there in the dark alleys of Naruhata. THE Vigilanti are not yet extinct: Citizens can count on Knuckleduster's help.

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