Kyoto Animation and the Role of Women in Animation, a studio recognized at the 2020 WIA Awards

The non-profit organization Women in Animation has awarded the animation studio Kyoto animation, the author Laurence Ralph and the director María Trénor above that WIA Diversity Awards 2020, broadcast online from October 29 to November 8, 2020, along with other events dedicated to the role of women in the animation industry.

Marge Dean, The president of the association opened the opening ceremony with the following words: "It is important for us to recognize and celebrate the efforts that have led to advances in inclusivity and gender equality in the world of animation. With the WIA Diversity Awards we can reward people and companies who are committed to this front.".

Kyoto Animation in particular has been rewarded for its efforts in areas such as this the inclusion of women in animator staff and the narrowing of the gender gap in the workplace. The company has been recognized for its efforts to ensure that more women become interested in the world of animation, encourage recruitment, and provide training.

In recent years the studio has also produced several films with female protagonists, including some outstanding ones The shape of the voice, K-On! is Purple Evergarden. The latest films in particular are still shown in Japanese cinemas and have grossed over 1.5 billion yen.

What do you think about it? Deserved award? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we would like to remind you that the first ten minutes of Violet Evergarden's film are available on YouTube.

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